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Graf X Magda puppies due Sept.2015

Graf win Group1 at Greater Daytona AKC Show

Graf is now and AKC Champion!!!

Graf gets V1 at SMWRK- Graf is now RKNA Champion!

DMV-RKNA Maryland
Graf gets V1 Open Males
Passed Breed Standard Evaluation
Best Adult Male & Best in Show!










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Welcome to the internet home of Von der Brunhilde Rottweilers. We are a small Rottweiler breeder kennel located in Buna, Texas, only a short distance from Houston, Texas. We only have a few dogs so that every dog gets the time, care and attention they need. Occasionally we breed and have Rottweiler puppies for sale. In every breeding we selectively choose the best Rottweiler Stud and Rottweiler Female to produce puppies that will have great temperament, drive, bone substance, great conformation and working ability. We want to produce Rottweiler Puppies who possess beauty, intelligence, health, and working ability. We believe that foundation of a breeding program lies with the females; therefore, we only breed top quality Rottweiler Females. Our dogs are actively shown in German Style Sieger rings. We actively show in the AIRK, ARV, ARC, USRC, NIRK, RKNA and some Independent Clubs. Although I live in Texas, I am the President of South Louisiana Rottweiler Klub. Our Parent Klub is the AIRK, that holds different shows around the United States, such as North Carolina, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Our show is in October once a year. If you would like to show Your Rottweiler at our club please contact us about the requirements.

All puppies are whelped in our home and socialized properly so that each Rottweiler puppy has a great start in the right direction. All of our puppies come with Lifetime Breeder Support. We are German Rottweiler Breeders offering Rottweiler Puppies for Sale, Rottweiler Youths for Sale, Adult Rottweilers for sale, Rottweiler Puppies In Texas,and Rottweiler Imports for Sale. We offer German Rottweiler Puppies for sale for showing in conformation, Schutzhund, Herding, Weight Pulling, and Companionship. Von der Brunhilde also offers Rottweiler Stud Service to AKC Certified Females over 2 Years old and have passed OFA or Equivalent. Please look through our site at our dogs and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. You will find that our dogs have some of the top Bloodlines in the world. We have a deep commitment to the breed and to Customer Service.

Our Rottweiler male AKC CH., RKNA CH. Graf II Von der Alten Festung is our Rottweiler stud. Graf was imported from the world known kennel, Alten Festung in Croatia. He is Sired by the great World Champion, Astor Von Junipera. Graf is known for his over the top ball and prey drive. Graf has been shown all around the United States.Graf is available for stud to Females of Merit! We thank Vladimir and Likija Zec for the opportunity to own such an amazing boy!At Graf's first show here in the United States, he was awarded V1, Best Adult Male, and RKNA Best In Show! We are so very proud of our Rottweiler Male and we hope to continue showing him with much success.
Graf has also finished his AKC Champions with 4 Majors and a Group 1. We are so very proud of our boy!

Our Rottweiler females are imported from the best kennels in Europe. At Von der Brunhilde we like females that are large and have a masculine look. We prefer "Masculine Females"! We strive to produce females with extreme head type, robust chests, good, conformation, and amazing temperaments. The female Rottweiler is what gives 80% of the puppy’s genetics, therefore you must have a excellent sound female as your main foundation kennel builder.

Gabi Von der Brunhilde   is an amazing Rottweiler female. Gabi is a large robust female Rottweiler with great conformation, and extreme drive. Gabi is producing all you want in the show ring or a Rottweiler puppy as a family pet. She has extreme ball drive and is amazing in the show ring. Gabi is multi V1 Rated and bred by us here at Von der Brunhilde. She also has had all of her health clearaces to include hips, elbows, eyes, and heart to achieve her CHIC from AKC.  She is a superb girl with an amazing pedigree. 

Jenny Earl Antonius is our main kennel building Rottweiler female. Jenny is a large robust female Rottweiler with extreme drive, great conformation, and extreme drive. Jenny is producing all you want in the show ring or a Rottweiler puppy as a family pet. She has extreme ball drive and is amazing in the show ring. Jenny is multi V1 Rated, JCH. Of Serbia, UCI Int. CH, many times Siegerin and the 2012 AIRK National Siegerin. Jenny Earl Antonius is the full litter sister to the world known Joni Earl Antonius.

Zoya from Royal Breed was and important part of our kennel building program. Zoya From Royal Breed is an amazing Rottweiler female. Zoya is an Import from the great Royal Breed Kennel in Europe. Zoya is a large Robust female with an extreme masculine head. Zoya is an excellent producing female. She is the daughter of Yoy Von der Crossener Ranch. Zoya has a wonderful temperament. She has produced multi best puppies, and youth sieger. She is multi V Rated.  Zoya is now retired from breeding and showing and living the life of luxury.

Genworks Hazel is one of our Adult Females. She is a very large female with correct structure and amazing beauty. She does very well in the show ring. She is a very special girl to us. Hazel has the best temperament. She loves all people, puppies, kids, etc....  We expect this girl to be an amazing producer. She is the sister to Genworks Hamlet and the daughter of Perlita Crni Lotos and Astor Von Junipera. We co own Hazel with Genworks Rottweilers.

To begin 2014 Graf II Von der Alten Festung won a historical Group 1 at the Deland Florida AKC show. We are super proud fo our amazing Rottweiler Male Graf.  Graf Also Won Reserved Winners Dog at 2014 ARC Nationals!!!
As Rottweiler breeders we are happy to own a phenomenal Rottweiler stud. From our litters we expect exceptional Rottweiler puppies. Contact us for a Rottweiler puppy of great quality from this breeding. Please contact us for Rottweiler Puppies in Texas.

At Von der Brunhilde we strive to produce and own only the best. We love the Rottweiler Breed. We love everything about the Rottweiler. The Rottweiler is extremely loyal, a great working dog, show dog, or just an amazing family pet. There is no other breed for us here at Von der Brunhilde. If you are looking for exceptional rottweilers for sale, import Rottweiler puppy breeders, a outstanding Rottweiler puppy for sale, a German Rottweiler Puppies or imports from Europe, Rottweiler puppies for sale in texas,  German Rottweiler Puppies, Male German Rottweilers, a puppy Rottweiler that has a amazing temperament with children, rottweilers for sale that loves to do Schutzhund work, a rottie for sale for tracking sport, or Rottweiler puppy for sale for a pet home, then look no further. We have the Rottweiler puppy, Rottweiler youth, or adult Rottweiler you are looking for. If we do not have what you are looking for in our Rottweiler kennel then we will assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for. We received the ethical breeder award for excellence in quality puppies and exceptional breeder support. We have Rottweiler Puppies in Texas, and German Rottweiler Puppies. We are a Rottweiler Breeder in Texas but Rottweiler Puppies can be shipped all over the world.  We also have a love for our second breed, The French Bulldog. You can see our Frenchie babies at

Rottweiler Breeder

Thank you for visiting my website and please feel free to call us about any questions you have about the Rottweiler.

-------------------------- -------------------------- We have Rottweiler puppies for sale in Texas and have Rottweiler puppies near Houston TX. We are Rottweiler breeders located near Dallas. We are a Reputable Rottweiler breeder only 20 minutes from Louisiana. German Rottweiler puppies for sale only a few hours Alabama, Rottweiler near Georgia GA, we have beautiful rottweilers with tails and exceptional Rottweiler puppy temperaments. Our German Rottweiler puppies and European Rottweilers for sale are from excellent bloodlines. We use the FCI breed Standard in our breeding program. We have Rottweilers Puppies for sale in Texas, Rottweiler puppies for sale in Louisiana, Rottweiler puppies for sale in Oklahoma, Rottweiler Puppies for sale in Arkansas, Rottweiler Puppies in Florida, Rottweiler Puppies in Calinfornia, rottweiler puppies in Texas. We can ship you a German Rottweiler puppy anywhere in the US or abroad. Von der Brunhilde works hard to ensure that we breed the best quality and temperaments. This ensures you to get a great stable and healthy Rottweiler puppy. We use only the best Rottweiler Females and Rottweiler Males in our breeding program. All of our Breeding Rottweilers are German Imports or European Imports or direct descendants of Imported Rottweilers. Our Rottweiler Youth, Rottweiler Females, Rottweiler Males, and Rottweiler puppies all have an excellent temperament. Rottweilers have a tremendous amount of ball drive. We strive to bring out more drive in our dogs to make them very sound and stable. We have used males outside our Kennel as a Rottweiler Stud such as; Tito Earl Antonius, Astor Vom Junipera, Benno of Silver Fild KG, Indio Vom Bonzi Star, and many more. We also own a Rottweiler male, Graf II Von der Alten Festing. We own the sister to the great Joni Earl Antonius; our Jenny Earl Antonius. We are very thankful to Earl Antonius for there help and there sending us great dogs from Serbia. We are also very thankful to Alten Festung for allowing us to breed to the amazing World Champion, Astor Von Junipera and for out Great Rottweiler Male, Graf II Von der Alten Festung. This dog is my favorite of all Rottweilers. He is just an extreme Rottweiler with great drive, a wonderful temperament, and unimaginable beauty. He has and produces an extreme Rottweiler Head. We would also like to thank Vom Bonzi Star for allowing us to own Zamp Vom Bonzi Star. He is a great Rottweiler Stud who always produces head type and beautiful Rottweiler Puppies. We also have to thank Royal Breed of Kanjevac for our Zoya From Royal breed. She is the most loving and beautiful Rottweiler Female. This Rottweiler Female has produces exceptional Rottweiler Puppies for us. We are a German Rottweiler breeder producing German Rottweiler puppies, German Rottweiler puppies in Texas, and Rottweiler Puppies in Texas. At Von der Brunhilde we are striving to produces amazing Rottweiler Puppies for Amazing Rottweiler lovers. We are very active in show in German Style Sieger Shows. I am the President of South Louisiana Rottweiler Klub and we have a Rottweiler show 2 times a year. I also travel the whole United States showing my dogs. You can find dog show records on each dogs page. Happy Looking and contact us for that perfect Rottweiler Puppy you are looking for. Rottweiler puppies, Rottweiler puppies for sale, Rottweiler puppy, Rottweiler breeders, Rottweiler for sale, Rottweiler pups for sale, breeders of rottweilers, the Rottweiler, about the Rottweiler, Rottweiler breeder, Rottweiler for sale, Rottweiler puppy breeders, Rottweiler puppy for sale, German Rottweiler, Rottweiler puppies Texas, puppy Rottweiler, rottweilers for sale, rottie for sale, Rottweiler PUppies in Texas, Rottweiler Breeder in Texas, German Rottweiler puppies, and German Rottweiler puppies in Texas, Male German Rottweiler, Rottweiler kennel, and offer a Rottweiler stud.

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